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It all started when...

In West Sussex, England, I was brought up by my wonderful parents who in my eyes should have been given medals. Mainly for their ability to cope with a dyslexic child who just wanted to sit in corner and draw.

My struggle through the educational system was one of sheer defiance on my part. After hearing that there was a magical realm where I could study art all day, it was clear I was going to have to get myself to this place they called... 'University'. 

And so I did. After a four year degree course and my dissertation tutor bringing me to tears in my last year, over my lack of spelling and grammatical skills (didn't know I was dyslexic then). Little me, managed to pull a 1st class degree (with honours) out of my very tired, bottom.

Unfortunately, I learned what many people did.. that getting a degree doesn't mean you will automatically get a career in art. 

This would come later, after many courses in computer design, life drawing, business studies, marketing and social media... and a lot of late nights.

And some useful advice... 

'If you want to paint, paint. Paint until your brushes are bent and your hand hurts! If it was meant to be, it will be,

                                                          if not... keep painting!'