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“Creativity takes courage”

                                     –  Henri Matisse

That’s written in black marker on the wall of Hue’s studio.

Her studio is situated in town called Cowes. A popular spot for sailing regattas on the Isle of Wight. UK.

She lives and works there with her two children and partner… who is also a talented photographer in his own right.

Hue studied at Northampton University back in 1998. Gaining a 1st Class degree in Fine art Painting and Art History.

This led onto further study and creative pursuits into digital design and illustration in Brighton.

Now set within a coastal environment of Sea and sand, you can see how the coastal influence has hugely impacted the direction of her work. Especially with the recent series of work in oils, called…’The little people’.

This had huge success internationally and she is now working on a new series of work. Looking at the human form and how its light and structure changes underwater.

Alongside this, a rise in interest from clients to revisit portraiture (in oils and using new digital painting software) has been gaining ground this past few years.

Hue paints in oils on canvas, canvas panels or wooden panels. Each surface has their own reaction to how the paint is applied. Most of the water work has been painted onto wooden panels to utilise the smooth surface, to help create a watery effect. In contrast the portraits are painted on textured canvas with strong colours and gestural brushstrokes.

Inspiration comes from a wide range of painters. But to name one… Klimt is definitely up there along with Van Goh, Degas and Monet. They continue to be a huge influence to her. Their use of colour and loose brushstrokes has always been a strong inspiration.

Her work is exhibited in two of the top main galleries on the Isle of Wight. Kendalls Fine Art Gallery and Seaview Gallery.

Check out Harriets facebook page for current Exhibition dates.