How to become an Artist

The eternal search for the answer to that elusive question.... 'How do I become an artist?'

I have discovered through many years of typing that very question to the internet Gods that there is no one answer. Many hearts will slump at this response. But you should look at this in a more positive way. There are many ways. 

Welcome to my first blog post from my new website. My name is Harriet Hue and I have been a professional artist for a few years now. I am vague here as to the number of years as the description of what an artist is, is also vague. 

Was it from my first sale? That moment I received my Fine Art degree? When I sent that fateful letter to the government drones to say I was registering myself as self employed? Probably.

I think it's more than that. Hate to get spiritual about it but for me it was a mixture of all those things. Its the journey. But more importantly it was that moment when someone asks you what you do? Saying I was an artist felt like a lie. I never believed it so why should anyone else. Why should anyone buy any of your work if you don't think its worth it.

So for me the day I became an artist, was the day I believed I was one.

Oh and selling lots of artwork... that helped too. Lol.


In my blog's I will show you how I do what I do. Helpful tips, websites, links that I have found on my journey so far.

Any questions please don't hesitate to ask.