Step 1 : Choosing your image


(If you are commissioning an original piece of artwork that isn't a portrait go straight to Step 2.)

In regards to commissioning a portrait; I mainly work from photographs, so choose an image that is of high quality. Preferably it needs to be over 1Mb in file size so I can zoom ad crop into the image.

The main thing is that you love the expression and that you feel it truly reflects the person.

If you are struggling I can highly recommend getting a professional photographer. If you are Island based I can put you in touch with great photographer who I work with often.

Also remember it is very important to make sure you have permission from the person who owns the copyright of the image. 

Step 2: The Concept

I love to be left with some creative freedom but of course very happy to discuss some key colours and tones that would ensure that the piece fits nicely into the intended environment.

Some people have a clear idea about this but many do not. After discussions about size and prices, I send the client 1 or 2 sketches to show composition and layout.

Choices of frame are also discussed during this process.

Step 3: Payments

An invoice for a 50% upfront payment is sent to you with attached online payment options. This is to cover materials and design costs and once all is finalized, then I can book you in the diary with a start date.

Once the commission is completed a final invoice for the remaining 50% ( + shipping and framing costs) is due when the piece is ready to be shipped.  


From the start date (in terms of timescale) it can take up to 3 weeks to paint the piece, depending on size.

Then 3 weeks for an oil painting to dry due to curing and varnishing time.

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