Original art & Buying: Asking about 'Part Payment Plans'

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Everyone wants the real thing:

Ever been to a gallery and seen something that you instantly fall in love with? You can't explain why but you know that it sings to you.

With breathtaking brushstrokes and bold textures staring at you and thinking that you have the perfect wall at home where it could hang.

Well, it can be yours!

Always remember to...

''Ask the Artist or Gallery about their 'Part payment' plans''.

Think people forget that they can ask to do this, we don't bite.

These days it is more common practice than you think, it can be simply done.

For example:

See anything you like on my website, the original or limited edition prints. Contact me and we can discuss the piece or pieces and how many payments you would like to break it into.

Then I will send you an invoice with payment options attached each month till the amount is paid...

...Then... I can deliver it directly to you.



Remember, this is just my own opinion. Please feel free to contact me to tell me your thoughts on the subject or if you need help directing in the right direction.

Thanks for reading

Harriet :)