Commissions: 9 Steps to getting the painting you want

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  1. The CONCEPT

Firstly, have a general idea of what you want. Be it a portrait, landscape, seascape etc. General size, style and medium and price that you are willing to pay. Sounds simple but it is good to have a list written down. Also mention names of pieces you’ve seen that you like the style of or colours of the room that the piece will eventually be placed.


2. Which ARTIST

Choose your artist based on their body of work that matches your chosen subject and check that their costs meet your criteria.

(Of course if you choose me, I feel this is an organic process and all sizes, ideas and costs etc can be tweaked in further discussions if you have something specific in mind)

3. How much TIME

Is this for you or is it a gift? When does it have to be ready? There needs to be enough time for an oil painting to not only be designed but to be painted, dried, varnished and delivered.

Once we have discussed this I will check the diary to see if there is a suitable time slot.

4. Reference IMAGE to work from

I mostly work from photos. Sometimes these can be old photos, ones taken from your phone or photos professionally taken. The image needs to be as clear as possible and have good lighting. I have put a few reference photos in the gallery above so you can see the sort of photos I have previously worked from and the final result.

Clearer and larger examples can be seen in Portraiture + Commissions.


I will go into depth to find out how you want the piece to look and then will come back with ideas and sketches. This will continue till you are happy for me to start.

6. How to START and FEES

My fees currently range from £395 to £1295 for classic oil paintings and digital paintings.

Go to Portraiture + Commissions for more details.

Nothing starts officially or gets booked in to the diary until the final designs have been agreed on and the first part payment has been paid.

This is normally 50% of the overall costs to cover time, design work and materials.

Remember costs can be broken down into more affordable payments, so please don’t hesitate to ask.

Once the painting is finished and you happy with the final design, the final invoice will be sent out before the painting can be recieved.



This invoice will include additional costs for delivery/packaging (costs vary depending on location) and ‘art in transit insurance’ (usually £35) for delivery if needed.


The painting will come unframed, but I can arrange framing for you if requested or will be able to direct you to a reputable framer.


And finally please email the artist after to tell them how happy you are with your commission. (We artists need our ego’s stroked now and again ;) )

Any reviews are warmly welcome and don’t forget to recommend to family and friends.

Thank you